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Bali’s tourism all began with this sport, and it’s an all-time favourite. Bali has a collection of great surf spots, mostly around the southern coasts and the Bukit Peninsula, that has been drawing those in search of sun, sea and long rides through glassy tubes. Reef breaks, lagoons and varying conditions create great waves for both veteran surfers and newbies.

Day Cruises

See more of the region on a half or even a full-day sea voyage to Bali’s neighbouring islands. Catamarans and sailing boats take you on fun-filled cruises around the waters of Nusa Lembongan Island, while others take you on castaway cruises to a ‘secret’ bay in Nusa Penida. Couples may also go for a romantic sunset cruise paired with dinner, around the bay waters of Benoa.

Kite Surfing

Rip Curl School of Surf, Sanur Lagoon

Kite surfing, or kiteboarding, is an extreme water sport that is gaining popularity, especially along the eastern coasts of Bali. The best time to get out and ride the foam and execute aerials is from May until October during the dry season when the wind speeds are around 12-15 knots. Make the most out of the outstanding waves along Sanur Beach with a personalized kitesurfing lesson.

White Water Rafting

Ayung River and Telaga Waja

Ayung’s west side is amazing, for besides the enjoyment of challenging rapids, the panorama of this beautiful, intact nature area is highlighted by the appearance of wild animals along the rafting route such as big bats, black monkeys, magpies and more. Telaga Waja is a more thrilling ride, which starts at the foothills of the sacred Mount Agung.

Waterbom Bali

Jl. Kartika, Tuban

You can have more than a splash at Waterbom, Bali’s premier water park. The water park features over 17 exciting rides, slides and water games to suit all ages, spread over 3.8 hectares. The grounds are packed with leisure facilities set around its slides and pools, with lush tropical gardens providing ample shade.

Sea Walks

Anyone, even non-divers can go underwater and enjoy the beautiful marine life scenes. These 'walks' utilize a specially-designed helmet that is connected to oxygen tanks aboard a boat, providing participants with a constant flow of air to breathe underwater. You need not take off your prescription lenses either! Bali Seawalker operates at two main sites; off Sanur and Tanjung Benoa.

ATV Rides

Jl. Wirasatya VI, 9X, Suwung Kangin, Denpasar

What could be more exhilarating than to take on the jungle tracks of Bali’s unspoiled parts on compact buggies and ATVs? Bali Quad Discovery Tours offer quad bike and buggy tours that enable you to discover Bali’s heartland and rural villages on off-road four-wheelers that whiz through all kinds of terrain with ease.

Paintball Games

See the best of the island on an a half or full-day excursion throughout the island’s interior to see a host of attractions including majestic temples and natural vistas. Ancient archaeological landmarks, expanses of rice terraces, river valleys and Bali’s panoramic Batur caldera lake in the Kintamani highlands are just a few of Bali’s many highlights.


Experience Bali’s beautiful countryside and rural Balinese villages from up close and on two wheels. Different options let you pedal downhill over rugged volcanic mountains, zooming downhill past ancient temples and plantations, greeting local farmers and schoolkids as you pass by. Cycling can be one of the most immersive activities you can have in Bali!